Waste paper procurement

The paper mill will use 100% re-cycle paper (waste paper) as raw material for Kraft Liner and multilayer Kraft Fluting Media paper of various grammage.

Waste paper pulping

The waste is pulped by adding water in the Pulper and pumped to storage tank.Since waste paper contains impurities like plastics sand iron clips etc.

Paper Manufacturing

In paper machine the pulp again diluted in water and spread on the moving Alip Formers. The dilute pulp flowing on the wire mesh over the Cylinder..

Heating Sytem

After the process of pressing is completed no further water removal is possible by mechanical means and heat has to be applied to evaporate water from the sheet…

Paper calendering

After drying the sheet gets enough strength. To even out & smoothen its surface, the sheet is then passed between numbers of steel rolls which is known as calendering.


After calendering the paper is wound on the Pope-reeler and periodically the rolls are wound for further process.


In day to day life, the paper & paper-based products are become more important. With the increase in literacy & civilization the demand for paper & other paper products is increasing. The Kraft paper in particular finds its application in packing, in manufacturing corrugated boxes, stationery manufacturing, carry bags, decorative items,paper drums, paper tubes/cones/cores & so on.

With the increasing industrial development, the products are in great demand. It is the product having requisite strength & is easily amendable to the required shape & is more popular in the packaging & stationery line.
The Promoters intend to commence the small-scale industry for manufacturing of “Kraft” Paper, Kraft Board, Duplex Board & Other Paper & Board”

The proposed industry will be set up as a PARTNERSHIP Company under the name & style of “WESTERNKRAFT PAPER MILL L.L.P.”

The Promoter’s will acquire Land at Halkarni Industrial Estate, Kolhapur Maharashtra,Admeasuring 14,163 Sq.Mtrs. The proposed Land is sufficient for the proposed unit & its expansion in future.

Western Kraft Paper

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