With the ever-growing environmental issues, consumers are increasingly turning their loyalties to eco-conscious businesses and products. As a result, M/s. WesternKraft Paper Mill L.L.P was commenced, an Indian based Kraft Paper Manufacturing Industry started as a dream of two friends to revolutionize paper industry by producing Kraft paper from 100% recycled paper and in turn making wealth out of waste.

In the year 2020, during world lockdown when businesses were losing revenues, we came up with the eco-friendly concept of using waste paper for manufacturing our paper products.

From the beginning, we have established ourselves as pro-environmental and recycle-savvy industry by avoiding cutting of trees or use of wood pulp to produce paper, instead we rely totally on waste paper as raw material. Recycling paper not only helps preserve the environment but can also be an excellent way to recover lost revenue for businesses.

With a vision of making itself the #1 manufacturing capacity of Single Kraft Line Mechanism in India; the industry is set up in 4+ acres of area, surrounded by open space on all sides and a production capacity of 80 tons of Kraft Paper a day; making it a high quality innovative enlargement giving the best value products that can be used by various industries worldwide.

At WesternKraft, it is not just about making profit but thriving other businesses with ours by increasing their revenue also. Our Promoters intend to commence the small-scale industry for manufacturing of “Kraft Paper, Kraft Board, Duplex Board & Other Paper & Board”.

The Kraft Paper produces at our plant has superior strength than any other paper out there which gives us the opportunity to provide services in a vast majority of areas.

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Our Promoter:

  1. Shaik Abdul Salam S/o. Shaik Mahboob Sahib
    Being Promoter Director, he acts as a catalyst in maintaining and managing company’s financial wellbeing. With experience in Financial Management from Major Manufacturing Hubs like Juice, Milk, Ice-Cream Production and Food Manufacturing Industries he helps increase the stakeholders’ wealth.
  2. Dinesh Thagare
    Operations Director of WesternKraft, holding a degree in Civil Engineering, mentoring and supervising the complete manufacturing and marketing process; yielding the best quality products helps maximize the profits of the company and in turn the wealth of stakeholders.
Manufacturer of  Kraft Board, Duplex Board & Other Paper & Board