Pioneering in the area of high quality, originality and innovative enlargement, the Promoters has realized WesternKraft as the #1 manufacturing capacity of Single Kraft Line Mechanism in India with a production capacity of 80 tons of Kraft Paper a day.

At WesternKraft, it is not just about making profit but thriving other businesses with ours by increasing their revenue also. Our Promoters intend to commence the small-scale industry for manufacturing of Kraft Paper, Kraft Board, Duplex Board & other paper products.

Established at Industrial Estate, Halkarni, Chandgad, Kolhapur District, Maharashtra, the proposed industry is set up in 4+ acres of area surrounded by open space on all sides which makes it a giant recycling plant in itself.
Recognizing the need to preserve the environment, a report on treatment and disposal of effluents is made to ensure compliance with the standards of the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board.